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Chayolei Tzivos Hashem

When you would love your child to join Tzivos Hashem, but their school has no Tzivos Hashem Base Commander, MyShliach has got you covered. Enroll your children and get the full Tzivos Hashem package, including the online personal account, missions, medals, rank books, and the exciting weekly Hachayol magazine. As a member of MyShliach, you will have exclusive access to the MyShliach prize store, end-of-year auction, and subsidized shipping!

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Boys & Girls
Grades: Pre1a - 8th


Any Time

Start: Elul
End: Sivan

“My children have benefited tremendously from Chayolei Tzivos Hashem. At first, only my daughter wanted to join. However, within a week of observing her excitement, my other children wanted to join as well. They have started saying Chitas daily, being more careful in Tzedakah and Negel Vasser, and have more chayus for Farbrengens, Rebbe videos, and rallies. Chayolei Tzivos Hashem has motivated them and instilled within them a joy in fulfilling Torah and Mitzvos. It is especially rewarding because they do not go to a Lubavitcher school. Thank you so much.”

Mrs. Dassie Pruss,
Doylestown, PA

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