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MyShliach Virtual Summer Camp

The big kids are off to overnight camp, but the younger ones have no local day camp to go to! Have no fear; we will bring the camp to you! With davening, projects, games, and fun, your child will have the enjoyable and meaningful summer you wished them to have!

Mockup Camp Box t.png

WHat's Included:

The camp serves Yaldei Hashluchim - boys and girls - who live outside of established Jewish communities and don’t get to experience in the summer what many other Jewish children take for granted. Now, with this unique camp, the Yaldei Hashluchim get to enjoy davening and learning together, farbrengens, competitions, sports games, shlichus pride, and lots of fun!

Camp Box shipped to your

Boys & Girls
Grades: K - 4th

Time Zone:

Start: 10:00AM
End 12:30PM

July 3rd- July 28th
14 Tammuz - 10 Av

“A couple of days ago, my son came over to me saying, “you know Tatty, MyShliach Virtual Camp is the best camp in the world” to me that sums up what MyShliach does in one sentence, and our children truly appreciate it!”.

Rabbi Mendel Greisman,
Rogers, AR

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