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Chassidus Club

With the Sunday Chassidus Club, your child is guaranteed to start their week with a dose of Chassidus. These weekly shiurim, geared to Yaldei HaShluchim who do not attend Lubavitch schools, are the perfect opportunity for your child to be educated B’darchei HaChassidus, enhancing their understanding of Chassidishe Inyonim and infusing them with a hergesh for Chassidus.


What's Included:

  • Weekly 2-hour Zoom classes focusing on Chassidishe inyonim like the upcoming Yoma Depagra, Chassidishe days on the calendar, and Darchei Hachassidus.

  • Customized curriculum, engaging activities, and interactive lessons divided by age group.


By Year (20 Weeks):

$156* ($26/Month)

By Month: $35/Month


By Year (20 Weeks): 
195* ($32.5/Month)

By Month: $44/Month

*Family Discounts Available

Not a member? Sign up for
Family Membership today for just $36.

Boys & Girls
Grades: 1st - 6th

East Coast


10:00AM - 12:00PM


Start: Cheshvan
End: Sivan

“We are loving Chassidus club! Thank you so much. It brings a beautiful focus into the day and week and makes our daughter proud to be connected to other Shluchos. The teacher is positive and perfectly age-appropriate, bringing the girls up a level.”

Mrs. Leah Silberstein,
Montreal, Québec

“This is exactly what we were missing. We've always taken part in the learning aspects of MyShliach, but this fun and social ‘camp-style’ club really took their programming to a whole new level.”

Mrs. Nechamie Silberberg,
London, Ontario

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