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Chassidus Club

Sign up for the weekly Chassidus Club to start your child’s week with learning and fun! Every Sunday morning for two hours, Yaldei Hashluchim get together online with fellow boys or girls their age for a packed schedule of davening, learning chassidishe inyanim, stories, shows, raffles, and interactive activities for every chassidishe Yom Tov. Join today!


What's Included:

Weekly, 2-hour Sunday morning zoom session together with fellow Yaldei Hashluchim to learn about the coming Yoma Depagra and Chassidus on the Parsha. The rich curriculum is made special for CClub, along with activities, games, and remarkable programs!

Boys & Girls
Grades: 1st - 6th

East Coast


10:00AM - 12:00PM


Start: Cheshvan
End: Sivan

“We are loving Chassidus club! Thank you so much. It brings a beautiful focus into the day and week and makes our daughter proud to be connected to other Shluchos. The teacher is positive and perfectly age-appropriate, bringing the girls up a level.”

Mrs. Leah Silberstein,
Montreal, Québec

“This is exactly what we were missing. We've always taken part in the learning aspects of MyShliach, but this fun and social ‘camp-style’ club really took their programming to a whole new level.”

Mrs. Nechamie Silberberg,
London, Ontario

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