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יְשִׁיבַת עֶרֶב

Does your son have some extra time on his hands in the evenings? Are you looking for something for him to do? There’s nothing better than nightly Yeshivas Erev, where Yaldei Hashluchim from across the globe get to know each other through the spirit of learning Mishnayos in an interactive Torah way.

What's Included:

Nightly 45-minute classes tailored for your son’s age with live classes focusing on Mishnayos learning with their dedicated teachers.
We have a fantastic website where your child can receive tickets with weekly Prizes shipped to your doorstep. 

DSC02565 - Copy.jpg

Grades: 4th - 8th

Three Time Zone

NY (EST) 7:00-7:45PM
CA (PDT) 6:45-7:30PM
EU (GMT+1) 6:30-7:15PM

Start: Elul
End: Sivan

“Every night at 6:40, without any prompting, my son would bring me the computer so he would be logged in on time for Yeshivas Erev. He never wanted to miss a day; he would even log in from the car if we were not home! The amount of material that the boys covered, the depth with which they learned, and the chayus for the Mishnayos that their Rebbi gave them were unparalleled.
We are so grateful for the opportunity that MyShliach provides through Yeshivas Erev.”

Mrs. Ella Potash,
Redwood City, CA

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