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Online Farbrengens

Get Nachas as you watch your children join with other Yaldei hashluchim around the world, singing niggunim, hearing chassidishe stories and Divrei Torah, and farbrenging in honor of the chassidishe yomim tovim. 

What's Included:

One hour of the shluchim family coming together, hearing Stories singing Niggunim, watching a video made special for that Yoma Depagra, with the lessons of the day taught to your child at their level. Raffles and great prizes. 

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Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Boys & Girls
Ages 7+

Time Zone:


Yoma D'Pagras

"This has been amazing. The Farbrengens were incredible and engaging. Short enough to keep the kids focused and long enough to be filled with toichen. The prizes were exciting and helped motivate the kids. Thank you!"

Rabbi Chaim Yonah Haskelevich,
Hamilton, NY

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