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Online Farbrengens

Farbreng all night with the Shluchim family. You might be at your own computer screen, but the close connections will be felt.

What's Included:

  • One hour of virtual family friendly farbrengening.

  • Captivating stories and beautiful niggunim to sing.

  • Educational and entertaining media related to the Yoma Depagra.

  • Activities and games tailored to your children, the themes of the Yoma Depagra, and its lessons.

  • Exciting raffles and incredible prizes!

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$5 Free

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Coming Soon

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Replay: Gimmel Tammuz farbrengen

Rewatch the incredible Farbrengen led by Rabbi Avremi Rapoport.

Boys & Girls
Ages 7+

Time Zone:


Yoma D'Pagras

"This has been amazing. The Farbrengens were incredible and engaging. Short enough to keep the kids focused and long enough to be filled with toichen. The prizes were exciting and helped motivate the kids. Thank you!"

Rabbi Chaim Yonah Haskelevich,
Hamilton, NY

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