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How will this year be different?

The Hachana for Gimmel Tammuz that every young Shliach will be a part of. 

Join hundreds of Yaldei Hashluchim with three fantastic ways to get your family ready for Gimmel Tammuz

How it Works:

Enjoy the brand new MyShliach Hachana audio, focusing on stories of the Rebbe, available on Spotify.





Join hundreds of Shluchim by sharing daily thoughts with your family at the supper table. The Hachana Pamphlet includes daily tidbits about Hiskashrus, the Rebbe, Moshiach, Yom Hilula, and more.
A daily question from the booklet will be answered in the MyShliach Hachana Audio


Farbrengen in a box sale

Get the Gimmel Tammuz Farbrengen In A Box shipped to your doorstep.

Special for this Gimmel Tammuz, it's available for Only $17.99.

Free Shipping.

 enter daily raffle

A daily raffle for the previous day's question will occur at 4:00 pm EST. 

Submit your answer below to enter the daily raffle.

Boys & Girls
All Ages



Start: 8 Sivan
End: 3 Tammuz

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