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Regional Shabbatons & Shabbos Tzuzamen

Hundreds of young Shluchim will join their region's Shabbos of a lifetime! Jam packed with friends, fun, and inspiration to last until the next Shabbos Tzuzamen.

Shabbos Tzuzamen.png

What's Included:

  • Inspiring Shabbaton for Yaldei Hashluchim worldwide (3rd-7th grade) hosted by a nearby Shliach.

  • Epic schedule brimming with games and activities, Shabbaton-in-a-box crafts, Divrei Torah, and awesome prizes. 

  • Energizing, uplifting, and fun global Motzei Shabbos event.

  • MyShliach assistance for larger Shabbatons, including: technical support and coordination, dedicated staff to direct the programming, and arrangements for remote shluchim. 

Boys & Girls
Ages 7 - 13

Time Zone:


Shabbos Parshas Tetzave
14-15 Adar 1/Feb 23-24


Motzei Shabbos Event

"These Shabbatons mean so much to the boys, some of whom live hours away from the closest Frum family; this is a real help for them”.  

Mrs. Shaina Feldman, 
Clay County, FL

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