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Book Library
For Yaldei Hashluchim

If there is a need, we at MyShliach are here to fill it. Children love to read, and it's an opportunity for them to educate themselves with important Yiddishe values. But books are costly to purchase, and with no local Jewish library, what’s a shliach to do? There is definitely a need for Jewish books for the Yaldei Hashluchim around the world!  Now, for a set annual fee, your family will have access to thousands of Jewish titles without having to pay an extra penny! Sign up, choose your books, read, and return with the provided prepaid shipping label. It’s that easy!

How It WOrks:

1. Sign Up: Easy signup process 
2. Select Your Books: Up to 6 or 10 books at a time
3. Your Books are Shipped: No additional shipping fees
4. Read and Return: Free shipping label included in the box
Only available to Shluchim in the USA and Canada.


Library Policies

  • The borrowing period for books is 28 days

  • Membership is a "family membership"

  • Membership is non-transferable

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All Ages

Time Zone:
USA & Canada


Year Round

“Thank you so, so much. We have really enjoyed our membership. It is truly a lifesaver. These are the only Jewish books that are available to us around here. Thanks again!” 

Mrs. Hinda Levitin,
Palm Beach, FL

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