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Chassidus Club
Meet The Team


Rabbi Shmuly 1st & 2nd Boys.jpg

Boys: 1st & 2nd Grade

Rabbi Shmuli

Hi! I teach 1st and 2nd grade boys. After teaching here in Chassidus Club for already two years, I believe that this program is truly pivotal to helping young shluchim grow up with true chassidishe lachluchis.

Rabbi Mendel 3rd & 4th Boys.jpg

Boys: 3rd & 4th Grade

Rabbi Mendel

Hi! I'm Mendel. In my class each week we ensure that classes are personal, fun and full of toichin. I look forward to teaching each one of your children and making this year at Chassidus Club a great year!

Rabbi Yosef 5th & 6th Boys.jpg

Boys: 5th & 6th Grade

Rabbi Yosef

I can’t wait to get to know each of my students. I hope to give them the best 2 hours of their week! My goal is that they should walk out as proud Shluchim and have a chayus to carry from week to week.

Rabbi Eli Boys Coordinater.jpg

Chassidus Club Boys Coordinator

Rabbi Eli Newman

Chassidus Club is a really great program and I think every child can gain so much from partaking!


Morah Tzaita 1st Girls.jpg

Girls: 1st Grade

Morah Tzaita

Hi!! I’m looking forward to Chassidus Club for all the learning, connections, and fun that will happen on Sundays!


Morah Mushkie 2nd Girls.jpg

Girls: 2nd Grade

Morah Mushkie

Hey, I am excited to get to know all of you amazing shluchos from around the world! I am looking forward to preparing for Chassidishe Yomim Tovim together


Morah Chani 3rd Girls (1).jpg

Girls: 3rd Grade

Morah Chani

I’m so happy to Bzh be part of Chassidus Club this year because I love the content, it’s so inspiring and deep. I feel it’s so important to transmit this messages to shluchos being that when I was a kid I was a shlucha too and I know that I would have loved to have this opportunity!

Morah Devorah Leah 4th Girls.jpg

Girls: 4th Grade

Morah Devorah Leah

Teaching Chassidus Club is so exciting to teach. There are so many activities and so much to learn! Seeing the shluchos involved and interacting is the best part!


Morah Chassi 5th & 6th Girls.jpg

Girls: 5th & 6th Grade

Morah Chassi

Growing up on shlichus, I gained so much from Chassidus Club and now I'm so excited to be able to give back to young shluchos like myself!


Mrs Daniella Treitel Director & Curriculum Creater.jpg

CClub Director & Curriculum Writer

Mrs. Daniella Treitel

Chassidus Club is so full. It's fun, a place to be proud of your Chassidishkeit and connect with caring teachers and friends. Each detail is thought out to maximize these 2 hours of the week. There is incredibly full lessons, art, activities, games, experiments, shows, dances, and so much more that goes on here at CCLUB!

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