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A Young Shliach's

Caring for the well-being of
Yaldei Hashluchim worldwide.


Our Mission

The yaldei hashluchim are at the frontlines to bring Moshiach and our aim at MyShliach is to support every young Shliach and Shlucha by bringing them together with other kids just like them, educating them with core Chassidishe values and knowledge, and helping each individual child grow into their fullest potential in fulfilling the Rebbe’s mission.

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Our Goal

To connect Yaldei Hashluchim with a greater community of friends and fellow young shluchim across the globe through the spirit of Torah learning, sharing fun times together, and by taking part in our Chassidishe rich heritage. Caring for your children's development, helping them thrive no matter how far they are from a fellow frum yid.

MyShliach Salutes
Yaldei Hashluchim Worldwide.

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