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First Grader

MyShliach Homeschooling

The resource center for all your homeschooling needs

Due to popular demand, we are now offering:

your Preschool Resource Center!


We will be providing

Welcome to the MyShliach homeschooling program.

We are excited to offer this critical tool to assist you in the Chinuch of your children.


This year (5783) will include four classes, Pre1a and Grade One for both girls and boys. 

The teachers on our team are Rabbi  Edelman and Rabbi Yarmush for Pre1a and Grade One respectively.

Mrs Goldenberg and Mrs Grossbaum will be the teachers for Pre1a and Grade One in the girls department.

in addition we are also providing a Preschool curriculum.

  • Lesson plans

  • Curriculums

  • Worksheets

  • Twice a year individual assessment

  • Personal guidance from the teachers on our team


We will be sharing all these resources via email, and through links to our Dropbox.


Membership for this program is $199 for the year ($149 for every additional child).

Our Preschool resource center will include lesson plans and resources. The cost for this program is $54 for the year.

For further information and questions please email us at

Member Resource Center


Rabbi Eliyahu Edelman

Oholei Torah
Brooklyn, NY

Ages 5-6 


Rabbi Berl Yarmush

Oholei Torah
Brooklyn, NY

Ages 6-7


Morah Nechama Dina Goldenberg

Cheder Menachem, NJ

ages 5-6 


Morah Ruchie Grossbaum

Cheder Lubavitch

ages 6-7 

Preschool Resources

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